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Our Financial Planning Services Cover it All.

Fiduciary & Fee Based

Your needs and concerns are our top priority. We are committed to acting in your best interests, always placing you first. Our fees are determined by your invested amount and we never receive any commissions from investments.

Independent Research

Independent research regarding investment options spanning sectors and markets allows you to diversify and rebalance with confidence.

A Full Range
Managed Portfolio

Including diversified managed portfolios of carefully selected and monitored ETFs and mutual funds.

Wealth &
Legacy Planning

We help alleviate your concerns about the future, relieve the burden on your loved ones, and ensure that you’re leaving behind the kind of legacy you deserve.

Retirement &
Income Planning

Financial planning to help you create a retirement plan, allocate your assets, and consider all your distribution options.

Insurance Risk Management

Peace of mind that you and your loved ones are protected.

Comprehensive & Holistic

We review your overall situation and provide you with a path to reach your goals and objectives. We understand life changes and we are here to adapt your plan for those changes.

Personal Goal-Based

Your financial plan is based on your personal goals. Life is personal and your financial plan should be as well. We provide individual guidance and solutions to accomplish your vision.

Advanced Technology

We are affiliated with Stratos Wealth Advisors to deliver sophisticated technology, planning and investment services.

Need a personalized financial plan?

We create customized plans so you can accomplish your goals.

Your Tailored Plan

Start on the road towards a comprehensive plan for your future. Contact us for a complimentary initial consultation. In this meeting we will want to get to know you and understand your goals, This discussion will be the foundation for an initial plan that will serve as a map for your financial future.

Your tailored plan will help to:

  • Reflect on your financial goals, timing, and priorities.
  • Evaluate your current financial situation in relation to your goals.
  • Provide a consolidated picture of all your financial assets.
  • Align to your feelings toward risk.
  • Includes investment recommendations based on decades of research to balance risk and return.
  • Targets an appropriate level of savings to the most beneficial types of accounts.
  • Makes sure you and your family have the proper level and types of insurance coverage.
  • Focus on your estate planning to assure what you’ve accumulated is passed to your heirs or charities most effectively.

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